Our Mission: Climate Progress

My name is Gary Rucinski and I am running in the Democratic Primary for the Massachusetts 4th Congressional House seat in 2018.

I’m running for Congress because I want to protect my children, your children, and future generations, from the chaos of the worst effects of climate change. We face many urgent challenges as a nation, and many members of Congress rightfully concentrate on one or more of these during their time in office. But when it comes to climate change—the most urgent challenge facing our country and humanity—too few members understand it well enough, or they shy away from the challenge of pursuing a path that’s new or daunting to them. I believe that the only way to preserve our environment is to elect Congressional representatives who have the knowledge and skills to enact effective climate and energy legislation. I’m running for Congress to be the kind of dedicated and knowledgeable voice for climate action our country needs.My skills, experience, and knowledge have prepared me to succeed as your Congressional Representative. Since graduating with a Ph.D. in physics 35 years ago, I’ve honed my communication and listening skills through years of professional experience. As a project manager in the high tech sector, I know how to lead complex projects to completion and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders. My scientific and engineering knowledge ensure I understand the dynamics of climate change and can identify workable solutions. Finally, for the past seven years, I’ve lobbied Congressional members about climate change, and have gained a deep understanding of how to influence opinions in Washington.Since 2010, I’ve heard from investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, economists, and others about the problem of climate change. I know that we can create jobs, grow the economy, and avoid climate chaos if we act in our country’s best interests NOW. For our children and generations to come, we need more voices willing to engage Congress in policy discussions. We need a rigorous, honest, healthy debate so we can move forward into a clean-energy future that avoids the worst effects of climate change. With your help, I will be one of those voices in the 116th Congress in January 2019!